Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him?

Our children are bombarded on a daily basis with competing messages. Every song, movie, book, TV show, blog, and game is full of ideas-ideas about truth, morality, beauty, identity, faith, and more. Not all of these ideas are true. Some are wrong, some are deceptive, and some are outright destructive.

It is more important than ever that young children be equipped to discern among competing ideas and stand in the truth. This is why Apologia has teamed with Summit Ministries to bring you the “What We Believe” Series. The “What We Believe” Series is an outstanding way to teach your child the essential beliefs of the Christian faith, but it’s so much more! With this student-directed, Bible-based curriculum, your children will learn how to use Scripture as a lens through which to view the world around them-to see everything the way God sees it-and to know the truth.

Who Is God? and Can I Really Know Him? focuses on the person and attributes of God, His provision, His design for Creation, the Fall, and His wondrous plan for our salvation. Who Is God? will help you teach essential foundational truths upon which a biblical Christian worldview is built such as God is truth and He reveals His truth to people; He is the one true and almighty God; He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; He created everything; we are God’s children and are made to love and to praise Him; God meets all our needs; sin keeps us from God; and Jesus is the only way to God.

Only by knowing who God truly is and by knowing who we are and why we were put on this earth can we build a faith that will last. This study is scheduled for the parent to work through with the child twice weekly in the Revival to Revolution Teacher’s Guide.

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