Artist of the Reformation: The Story of Albrecht Durer

This biography focuses on Durer the man, rather than Durer the artist. The story starts with young Albrecht, a boy of seven, and follows him through his life, concluding shortly before his death. From the first page, we read of a warm family life, loving parents, wise lessons, and a deep and enduring faith passed down through the generations.

The writing is so vivid that it is easy to find yourself in the scene, smelling the fresh grass that the artist is sketching, bumping along in a coach on rutted roads, or being jostled in a city crowd. This is a story of beauty and love in its highest form, of generosity, of enduring faith, and of God’s provision. It is also a picture, vividly painted in words, of life during the time of the Reformation.

The “Leonardo of the North” was more than just a gifted artist. He was a writer, clever businessman, and an apt teacher of students. He did more than just create works of art for wealthy patrons, he also took advantage of the new technology of printing in order to bring his illustrations of the Bible to a wide audience of ordinary people.

This book is filled with excerpts from Durer’s own writings and is illustrated with 30 of his most famous pieces. At the death of Albrecht Durer, Martin Luther wrote, “It is natural and right to weep for so excellent a man.”