What is God’s Design for My Body?

What Is God’s Design for My Body, the third book in the Miracle of Creation series, explains in practical contemporary words, how a man and a woman enter into a marriage covenant. With respect for the young person’s sense of modesty, consummation of marriage is explained using Biblical word pictures from the Song of Solomon. Abstinence is promoted and young married couples share why they are glad they waited until marriage.

Young teens are encouraged to develop new skills, discover their talents, and to make great choices that will catapult them forward to reach their goals. Past abuse is tactfully and briefly mentioned, and God’s healing love is portrayed in an allegory. We searched a long time before choosing this resource for use with our own sons. We found this to be a God-honoring and Biblical way to share God’s plan for consummation within the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. You must choose whether to add this title to your package or not.