Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons: Teacher’s Guide + Student Book

Give your knights and fair damsels a tour through the Medieval World as they work their way through the models and concepts taught within Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons. Write from notes, tell narrative stories, summarize references, compose formal essays, and practice critiques.

Using sources that touch on major Medieval and Renaissance themes, topics tie well to the history study in Resurrection to Reformation.  Lessons feature clear assignments, specific objectives, and detailed checklists for structure and style. A “Teacher Tips” section provides helpful hints, samples, and notes to help teachers reinforce the concepts taught. Vocabulary quizzes are also included.

You can purchase an individual copy of the student text here.

The lessons will be divided over 35 weeks throughout Resurrection to Reformation, scheduling 3 sessions weekly lasting approximately 20 minutes each.

While the publisher recommends completing either Teaching Writing: Structure and Style or Student Writing Intensive courses first, we have found that this particular guide is so well laid-out that it can be used without any previous Institute for Excellence in Writing experience.

You can preview the Teacher’s Guide here.

You can preview inside the Student Book here.