Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation

Follow Mr. Pipes throughout Europe as he accompanies his two young American friends on a tour of the famous hymn writers. Examining the significance of worship and the godly traditions they’re built upon, this book aims to rekindle a genuine interest in the traditional hymns of the faith.

As the title states, the hymns are from the Reformation era, and they contain signs of the spiritual upheaval of the time. There are hymn stories woven within the main story, and the hymns with music are included at the end of each chapter. Mr. Pipes tells the children of some of the persecutions the people endured, and the children see it reflected in the hymns. Mr. Pipes also points out interesting facts about the places they visit, which adds the interest of culture and European landmarks.

The trip takes them to from England to France, Germany and Switzerland, although most of the book occurs in Germany. From battling their tempers to outwitting a spy, the children learn character, history and faith from Mr. Pipes with plenty of apt humor thrown in. Annie and Drew return to the States knowing more history and with a deeper love for and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Mr. Pipes is not preachy, and never pushes his firm beliefs on the children, although he never misses an opportunity to explain anything they ask about! The history of the hymns and hymn writers will draw the reader closer to Christ. Especially in this book, the hymns speak volumes about the preciousness of the person of the Lord.