Ink on His Fingers

John Gutenberg is working on printing the first Bible with type. Twelve-year-old Hans Dunne is planning on being a scribe and copying the Bible by hand. But circumstances change, and he finds himself working in Gutenberg’s shop as an apprentice printer.

Soon, Hans finds himself in the middle of a type-stealing mystery. Herr Fust, the village banker, wants Gutenberg’s type and tries every possible way to get his hands on it. Gutenberg is deep in debt and has borrowed from everyone in town. Gutenberg is sure that he will be able to pay everyone back once the Bible is printed, but he is running out of time.

Will Hans, and the other pressmen, be able to keep Herr Fust from getting the type? Will they be able to finish the Bible, so many people will be able to read and learn from it?