Twice Freed

Onesimus is a slave. Eirene is a rich merchant’s daughter. Onesimus longs to gain his freedom and Eirene’s love. However, he doesn’t realize where true freedom lies. He wants nothing to do with Jesus Christ. His master, Philemon, may follow the teachings of the Christ and his apostle Paul… but Onesimus has other plans.

In Twice Freed, Patricia St. John tells a fictional story based on Onesimus and his slave-master Philemon – two lesser known characters from the New Testament. While Philemon becomes a Christian, as well as many in his household, Onesimus resents his master and begins running from both his master and from Christ’s love.

The author manages to follow Onesimus from Colosse, to Ephesus, to Laodicia, and eventually to Athens and Rome. Along the way Onesimus keeps running into those who have been saved and caught up in this strange new religion: Christianity. The author’s historical details and descriptive language make the story come alive, while the Biblical truth woven throughout the book is inspiring and challenging.