Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Greece

Through the eyes of a traveler to ancient Greece, we see how, by reason of geography, Greece became a land of city states. After examining several different city states and their land and naval forces, we watch all Greece come together for the Olympic games. Turning our attention to Athens, we marvel at the theatre, architecture, and sculpture of the age of Pericles.

This book, which was written by a pastor in 1920, provides a thorough, narrative look at ancient Greece, placing the Greek civilization in its proper perspective.

Table of Contents:

  • The Torch-Bearers
  • When the World Was Young
  • A Land of City-States
  • Athens in its Golden Age: The Journey
  • Athens in its Golden Age: The City
  • The Sailor-State of Greece
  • The Soldier-State of Greece
  • The Greek Games
  • The Theatre
  • The Art of Greece: Painting and Architecture
  • The Art of Greece: Sculpture