An Illustrated Adventure in Human Anatomy

This full-colored book provides an interesting peek inside the human body as students learn about human anatomy. This illustrated book is designed for ages 8-12 and covers many of the major systems and structures of the body.

The skeletal, muscular, digestive, and respiratory systems as well as the brain & nerves, heart & blood, eyes and ears are all illustrated with well-drawn pictures, easy-to-understand descriptions, and anatomically-correct terms. Experiments and activities, trivia, and fun facts are also included. The vibrant illustrations invite study and make visualizing the body easy.


  • Your Skeletal System
  • Your Muscular System
  • Your Nervous System
  • Your Circulatory System
  • Your Respiratory System
  • Your Digestive System
  • Your Eyes
  • Your Ears
  • Your Taste and Smell
  • Glossary