Galen and the Gateway to Medicine

Who was Galen? Galen was a doctor who practiced medicine almost 2,000 years ago. He was doctor to four Roman emperors, altering Roman history forever. Galen tended the wounds of gladiators, learned about the human body from studying pigs and monkeys, invented and recorded medicines that are still in use today, and had such accurate-sounding theories that his ideas were taught and followed for almost 1,500 years.

We know about Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. But we owe nearly as much to Galen, a physician born in 129 A.D. at the height of the Roman Empire. Galen’s acute diagnoses of patients, botanical wisdom, and studies of physiology were recorded in numerous books, handed down through the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Not least, Galen passed on the medical tradition of respect for life.

In this fascinating biography for young people, Jeanne Bendick brings Galen’s Roman world to life with the clarity, humor, and outstanding content.