Following the Plan: English 5 Teacher’s Manual

Following the Plan: English 5 is an advanced grammar course with 119 lessons divided into 10 chapters. This comprehensive, God-honoring text is easy-to-use and teaches key concepts of grammar, mechanics, and writing. The lessons include both oral and written work, and all of the basic parts of speech are covered.

Lessons on diagramming, writing different types of paragraphs, taking notes, outlining, report writing, relaying personal experiences, writing book reports, giving directions, letter writing, and exploring poetic devices are included.

English 5 is one option for English scheduled in Creation to Christ and Resurrection to Reformation. It is divided over two years in those guides. English 5 is also scheduled as a one-year option in Revival to Revolution.

Note: The Teacher’s Manual is necessary at this level as an answer key and for additional help with the lessons. Reduced copies of the pupil pages are included in the Teacher’s Manual. A star indicates when a concept is introduced for the first time. Suggestions for oral review, lesson introductions, and lesson outlines are provided.