Ballet Shoes

Realistic Fiction

This entertaining and distinctly unusual story of three British orphans and their loving caretakers was originally written in 1937. Pauline, Petrova, and Posie start life off as carefree children, but when their adopted Great Uncle Max (a.k.a. Gum) disappears on a fossil hunting expedition, the young girls find themselves becoming the breadwinners of the family.

As stage performers they are able to give back to the only family they have ever known, and have their own adventures while they’re at it. Pauline falls in love with acting, Posy is a natural dancer, and poor Petrova would rather fix cars and learn to fly planes than be on stage. This charming and often humorous story stands the test of time. The strong female characters solve many conflicts on their own. In the end, each girl is also able to choose her own path in life.