The Shining Sword: Book 1

Folk Tales

For the King! Such is the battle cry of the royal army as soldiers in the service of the King of kings and Lord of lords set out to wage war against the forces of evil. Lanus, a new recruit, finds he has much to learn about obedience, about failure, about victory, and about the vital importance of putting on the full armor of the King.

In this fascinating tale of spiritual warfare, the story of Lanus vividly illustrates the Christians conflict with Satan. Come along as a new convert trains for conquest by skillfully wielding the ultimate weapon of righteousness, the Sword of the Word of God. You’ll be elated to see how quickly your listeners will comprehend what the battles, armory, castle, swords, and such represent in our Christian walk. It makes a great read-aloud, however you may have a hard time reading only one chapter at a time!