A Child’s Geography Vol II: Explore the Holy Land

Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey… your family probably hears or reads about these names frequently. In an increasingly complex world, it is vitally important that children learn to see the world through their Creator’s eyes. As we explore the Holy Land you and your family will delight in incredible, mysterious landscapes, hidden wonders and beautiful peoples – all created in God’s image. We will travel through the lands of Scripture, discovering familiar Biblical landmarks, such as the possible resting place of Noah’s Ark, the remains of the Tower of Babel, and the tracks of Moses up to the peak of Mount Sinai.

If we found the source of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, might we find the Garden of Eden? Why is that wall in Jerusalem called the Wailing Wall? What unbelievable wonders might we find in the desert sands of Egypt? What do Babylon, Nineveh and Ur all have in common? What country in the world is the holy land of millions but you won’t find a church anywhere? Can you follow the trail where Moses once walked to find the Lost City of Stone?

Come discover the answers to those wonderings and more… explore the modern Middle East, its vast deserts and hidden palaces of Saudi Arabia, its fantastic marsh island homes of the Ma’dan peoples of Iraq, and its resourceful Bedouin tribes who scatter across the sands of the Middle East.

Over the course of 16 chapters and nearly 280 pages of text, explore six Middle Eastern countries with the engaging text of a “living-book”. Field Notes (narration prompts), Travel Logs (notebook & map activities), Bringing it Home suggestions (that focus on art, music, poetry and food), and a suggested Prayer Walk are included for each country.

You can preview the book here.