One Small Square: Arctic Tundra

It’s a land riddled with mysteries and puzzles. A land where a winter night lasts three weeks, where the ground is icy on the warmest of days, and where curtains of colored light hang in the winter sky, clinging to nothing at all. Beneath this magical heaven, bears and hares and howling wolves and hungry foxes roam the frozen earth, while ancient trees a century old strain to grow beyond a foot high. You may never visit this dangerously cold habitat. But now, the strange and wonderful Arctic tundra is brrrrrrought to you – one small square at a time.

Arctic Tundra is just one of the exciting, vibrantly illustrated volumes in the critically acclaimed One Small Square series of science and nature books. These beautiful and scientifically accurate books capture your imagination with the excitement of observing nature and learning to interpret what you see.