Preparing Hearts for His Glory: Teacher’s Guide

Preparing Hearts for His Glory has 34 weeks of ‘open and go’ 4-day plans that are each shown on a 2-page spread. This easy-to-use guide is ideally targeted for students in grades 3-4, but students in grades 5-6 may use it with extensions. Simple daily plans organized into boxed format let you see at a glance what you’ll be doing each day and make teaching ultra-easy by noting whether plans are “teacher-directed”, “semi-independent”, or “independent”. This “boxed-style” of plans makes it simple to do school all in one sitting, or divide it by spacing out the boxes of plans throughout the day.

Preparing Hearts for His Glory is written with busy homeschool teachers in mind, so each day of plans takes only about 4 hours to complete, and subjects can be spaced as desired throughout the day. Guides just don’t come as easy-to-use as Preparing Hearts for His Glory does!

The Preparing Hearts for His Glory guide includes:

  • World History
  • Independent History Study
  • Read-Alouds
  • Geography
  • Bible & Music
  • Literature
  • Grammar, Writing & Spelling
  • Poetry
  • Math
  • Science


Each day of plans addresses both academic and spiritual needs, making sure not to neglect either area. Plans set forth clear guidance in what to expect of your student each day and are written with a balanced approach to learning. The guide uses narrative books as the core of the student’s education to cover needed academics in a living, engaging manner.

You can view the daily format here.

You can view the guide introduction here.

You can view the first week of plans here.