Bud & Me: The True Adventures of the Abernathy Boys

The year is 1905. Automobiles are little more than rich men’s toys and many short-sighted people feel that everything that can be invented has been invented! In the early 1900’s there are only 150 miles of paved road in the entire country. Fifty percent of Americans live and work on farms. Radios and refrigerators are still years away. Women are not allowed to vote yet and Teddy Roosevelt is in office.

Against this background come two adventuresome boys, Temple and Bud Abernathy. Raised by their widowed father, “Catch-’em-Alive” Jack Abernathy – a man from Oklahoma who catches wolves with his hands, the boys, ages 5 and 9, set out on a series of daring rides across America.

First, alone on horseback from Frederick, Oklahoma to Santa Fe, New Mexico and back. Then to New York City, alone on horseback and back to Oklahoma driving their own “Brush” automobile. Bud & Me is one of the 20th Century’s most exciting true stories of courage and adventure.