A Child’s Story of America

The story of this great work comes from the “History of the United States.” You do not need to sit and dream about how the wonderful work of building our noble nation was done, for you can read it all here. Here you are told how brave explorers came over the seas and found beyond the waves a land none of them had ever seen before. You are told how they settled on these shores, cut down the trees and built villages and towns, met the Indians and learned to cultivate the land, and made themselves homes in the midst of fertile fields. You are told how others came, how they spread wider and wider over the land, how log cabins grew into mansions, and villages into cities, and how at length they fought for and gained their liberty.

Read on and you will learn of more wonderful things still. The history of the past two hundred years is a story of a God-blessed land. In it you will learn of how the steamboat was first made and in time came to be seen on all our rivers and lakes; of how the locomotive was invented and railroads were built, until they are now long enough in our country to go eight times round the earth; of the marvels of the telegraph and telephone – the talking wire; of the machines that rumble and roar in a thousand factories and work away like living things, and of a multitude of computer-driven marvels. You will also learn how men kept on coming, and wars were fought, and new land was gained, and bridges were built, and canals were dug, and our people increased and spread until we became one of the greatest nations on the earth.

This little history will be of great service, in showing how, from a few half-starved settlers on a wild coast, this great nation has grown up. We need say no more, however, for the book has its own story to tell.