Cheerful Cursive

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

Cheerful Cursive was written for students whose fine motor skills allow a continuous flowing movement from letter to letter. Motor skill development varies among students, but is usually adequate for cursive by 2nd-3rd grade.

Developed after hundreds of requests for an enjoyable approach to cursive writing, this handwriting program is unique in its approach.  Learning cursive letter formation is only half the battle – you also must learn to read it. And because everyone writes differently, you must practice reading many variations. This dual emphasis on writing and reading makes Cheerful Cursive a truly unique product.

Cheerful Cursive incorporates these special techniques and skills:

  • Tracing the full letter to get a better “feel” for the formation (not connecting dots)
  • Showing what the manuscript and the cursive letter have in common
  • Using 5 main connecting strokes (the student’s “Stroke Friends”) to make all of the letters
  • Demonstrating correct letter formation
  • Teaching the shortcut most adults use in writing words that begin with a circular letter
  • Moving from larger to smaller lines (over 1 inch down to wide rules spaces)
  • Phasing out the middle dotted line that is not printed on typical notebook paper
  • Showing how each capital letter connects to the next lower case vowel or consonant
  • Alphabetizing for dictionary practice
  • Copying Bible verses and saying about Jesus
  • Showing other capital letter variations
  • Matching capitals to lower case
  • Transcribing from manuscript to cursive and cursive to manuscript
  • Reviewing introductory grammar (nouns, pronouns, verbs, complete subjects and verbs, and the understood “you” concept)