Preparing to Build: English 2 Teacher’s Manual

Preparing to Build: English 2 is an excellent first grammar and writing text with 150 lessons plus reviews in six units. This God-honoring text uses short, daily lessons to provide a foundation in grammar for the purpose of writing. The lessons are easy-to-use, sequential, and comprehensive.

Basic concepts of nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives are studied. Sentence building and paragraph writing are introduced. The final unit teaches alphabetical order and dictionary skills. The text provides a steady progression through the skills necessary for writing, using the Bible as a theme throughout all the lessons.

Each lesson is contained on a two-page spread. The left-side covers the lesson (which is to be read aloud by the parent). The right side has oral exercises and writing activities for the student to complete.

English 2 is scheduled as one option for English in Bigger Hearts for His Glory. Second and third graders who have not had a formal introduction to grammar and writing, should begin with English 2.

Note:  The Teacher’s Manual is optional at this level, unless you desire an answer key or feel unsure about your English skills. Reduced copies of the pupil pages are included in the Teacher’s Manual.