Bigger Hearts Student Notebook Pages

This item is consumable. Each student will need his/her own set of student notebook pages.

Student Notebook Pages for Bigger Hearts for His Glory come 3-hole punched on heavy paper for easy insertion into a 3-ring binder. A full-color cover is included to place in a clear sleeve in the front of your own 3-ring binder.

Students will be instructed where to place various assignments on the provided pages of the Student Notebook throughout the “Learning Through History” side of the plan of Bigger Hearts for His Glory. This will help organize student’s work and will provide a keepsake portfolio of assignments from student’s study of the early American time period.

The beautiful Student Notebook includes colorful pictures, engaging maps, a timeline chart, and places for sketches, facts, and written narrations. At this age, notebook entries are mainly limited to copying, listing, and drawing from a model, with an emphasis on accuracy and attention to detail.

You can view a sample of the pages here.