Singapore Primary Math: 2A Textbook

(Not Sold Individually)

Each year of Singapore Math is divided into two semesters (A and B). Typically, each semester requires both a textbook and a workbook. However, if you are using Bigger Hearts for His Glory, you will not need the textbooks for Level 2A/2B. The hands-on lessons and activities written into Bigger Hearts for His Glory replace the lessons in the Level 2A/2B textbooks.

If your child is new to Singapore Math, to ensure proper placement give the placement test for Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition here.

You can view textbook and workbook samples for Singapore Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition here.

The Singapore math method is a highly effective teaching approach originally developed in Singapore. The Singapore method is focused on mastery achieved through intentional sequencing of concepts.

Some of the key features of the Singapore approach include the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) progression, number bonds, bar modeling, and mental math. Instead of pushing through rote memorization, students learn to think mathematically and rely on the depth of knowledge gained in previous lessons.

Singapore math not only helps students become more successful problem solvers, it helps them gain a sense of confidence and resourcefulness because it insists on conceptual depth. This naturally prepares students to excel in more advanced math.

With Singapore math, students must think through concepts and apply them in new ways from the very start. Since they can’t rely on simple replication, students are pushed to greater engagement and broader thinking. Singapore math programs raise U.S. student performance internationally and at home on standardized and state assessments.

What is Singapore Math?