Sound Bytes Reading

Sound Bytes Reading is easy to understand and easy to teach. It produces amazing results for struggling readers, for those who need to finish phonics after beginning with a different program, or for older English Language Learners. Sound Bytes Reading is a dynamic way to teach your students aged 7-11 how to read.

Teach your child four consonant sounds and one vowel and read the first story! Teach another sound and read a new story. This unique step-by-step method of teaching reading gives instant success to even the most reluctant readers.

Phonics instruction is brief, focused on only a few sounds at a time, and strongly supported with practice reading decodable stories that students enjoy. The lessons build students’ confidence along with their reading ability, helping them become skilled and independent readers. This approach works well for students who have not had success with other methods. The 90 stories and accompanying skill lessons take students up to a beginning third grade reading level. A carefully sequenced list of recommended books helps older students go on to reach at a fourth to sixth grade reading level.

Most students are able to complete the program in just four months, with 15 to 30 minutes of instruction per day. A spelling game is included to help students develop accurate spelling skills. The simple, clear instructions in each lesson are easy for any parent, teacher, or tutor to follow.

You can view a sample here.


Story from Lesson 5-4:


I can go to a shop.
I can stop at the shop.
I can have a dog.
I can have Spot.
Spot can sit in a box.
Spot can go to Mom and Pop.
Spot can hop. Spot can flop.
Spot can eat a lot.
Spot is a good dog.

Story from Lesson 12-1:


A white goat ran along the road. He had a coat on. It was as black as coal. “I wish it was not so hot today,” said the goat. “I will roast in this coat.”

The goat took the coat off. “I will soak my coat in the creek,” said the goat. He put the coat into the creek. A little bit of soap was in the coat. The soap began to foam. Then the coat began to float.

“Oh no,” said the goat. “There goes my coat!”

The coat floated past a boat. A big green toad sat on the boat. The big green toad went, “Croak, croak,” as the coat floated along.

The goat ran past the boat. He jumped into the creek and got his coat. “I am glad to get my coat back,” said the goat as he went on his way along the road.