A Reason for Handwriting: Level A

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

A Reason for Handwriting A teaches manuscript handwriting using verses from Psalms and Proverbs. Verses are chosen not only for their correct letter combinations, but also for inspirational content. The course begins with a review of the letter formations learned in Kindergarten and introduces students to the Golden Rule Club and their treehouse. The treehouse is transposed onto the beginning of each line of the manuscript ruled pages and is used as a guide for students to learn the proper sizing and spacing of letters.

After the introductory review lessons, students begin a schedule of lessons that include daily writing practice of selected words in the “Scripture of the week.” On the last day of the week, the student copies the complete verse onto a decorative border sheet from the back of the workbook.

Border sheets are outlined with wonderful black-line drawings and graphics that students can color to decorate their handwritten verse. These pages are wonderful “surprises” for grandparents, shut-ins, aunts, uncles, or friends to receive in the mail. Young students will have an opportunity with their weekly verses to spread the Gospel and send a smile to someone they love.

Level A is specifically tailored for students in 1st grade.

You can view a sample worksheet here.