Essential Math Kindergarten A

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

Singapore Essential Math: Kindergarten Book ‘A’ is included in the Little Hearts for His Glory Basic Package for Kindergarten. Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ books are needed for one-year of math instruction.

Essential Math introduces kindergarten students to basic math ideas and enhances their understanding of the world around them. Daily hands-on math activities are included in the Little Hearts for His Glory guide to accompany Essential Math Workbooks ‘A’ and ‘B.’  There is no separate teacher’s guide for Essential Math.

If you have already covered the concepts listed below, then use Singapore Primary Mathematics 1A & 1B instead along with the alternate math schedule in the Appendix of Little Hearts for His Glory.

Contents of Essential Math: Kindergarten Book ‘A’:

Unit 1: Same
Unit 2: Different
Unit 3: Sets
Unit 4: Count to 5
Unit 5: Numbers to 5
Unit 6: Numbers to 10
Unit 7: Number Order
Unit 8: Shapes
Unit 9: Patterns
Unit 10: Length
Unit 11: Size
Unit 12: Weight
Unit 13: Capacity
Unit 14: Equal Sets
Unit 15: More
Unit 16: Less


Unit 4 – Count to 5
Unit 7 – Number Order
Unit 14 – Equal Sets