Quality Science Labs Astronomy and Geology/Paleontology Lab Manual

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

This lab manual is to be used in combination with the Quality Science Labs Astronomy and Geology/ Paleontology Lab Kit.  The experiments in the lab kit and lab manual are laid out with the following features:

  • The goals or learning objectives
  • The materials and equipment included and commonly available items that you may need to be supply
  • An introduction of the science concept(s)
  • A Bible devotional relating the science concept to God or to life
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Data collection and questions
  • A Lab Manual in which to record findings (one per student required)


Included lab topics are as follows: 

  • Star Viewing 1
  • Star Viewing 2
  • Variation in Sunrise and Sunset Times
  • Retrograde Motion of Mars
  • Telescopes
  • Counting the Visible Stars
  • Diameter of the Sun
  • Sunspots Cycles
  • Planetary Orbits
  • Orbit of Mercury
  • Orbital Speeds
  • Moon Viewing
  • Moon Cycles
  • Rotation of the Moon
  • Earth’s Density
  • Determining the Age of an Object
  • Properties of Minerals
  • Determining the Specific Gravity of Minerals
  • Rock Identification
  • Earthquake Locations
  • The Steepness of a Volcano
  • Ocean Water, Salinity and Density
  • Wave Depth, Wave Velocity and Tsunamis
  • Glacial Dynamics
  • Fossil Related Activities