Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Cave Men: A Biblical View

This book is a study of the differences between the Biblical and secular views of fossils, dinosaurs and cave men. The lessons are designed to help the student understand the philosophy behind the Geologic Time Table, how dinosaurs fit into a Biblical perspective, and the Biblical view of the Tower of Babel event and how it influenced the development of man and civilization. In addition the student will learn how to “read” the rock layers through a Biblical view of Earth history. 180 page soft cover, color textbook for high school. Designed to be a semester study covering the following topics:

  • Two Contrasting View of Origin
  • Life on the Early Earth: The Biblical Classification of Livings Things
  • The Genesis Flood, Part I: The Cause of the Flood
  • The Genesis Flood, Part II: The Mechanisms for a Global Flood and the Fossil Evidence
  • Understanding the Geologic Time Table
  • Dinosaurs and the Geologic Time
  • Transitional Fossils: The Keys to Evolution
  • The Two Contrasting Views of Man: The Influence of the Enlightenment
  • The Fossil Evidence and the Evolution of Man
  • The Biblical History of Man: A Short Overview
  • Fossil Anomalies