Secrets of Great Communicators: Student Text

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

This student text is to be used in combination with the Secrets of Great Communicators course.

The Secrets of Great Communicators course is designed to help high school students develop key public speaking skills within the context of their personal goals, academic careers, and Christian faith. Myers is a capable and engaging speaker, carefully yet easily modeling the attributes of a good speaker which he identifies.

A DVD (with teacher CD-ROM) and a consumable student text are all you need for this course. There are six video lectures (in addition to the introductory talk), all filmed in front of a live audience. Myers speaks easily but with passion, integrating biblical truth whenever it’s appropriate. In the lectures, Myers encourages students by presenting the essential elements of good public speaking, in turn demonstrating them himself as he teaches. Topics include organization, presentation, audience analysis, conquering fear, etc.

The workbook content supports and elaborates upon the lectures, rather than reiterating them. In each chapter, Myers focuses on the strengths of a famous speech-giver (like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Patrick Henry, or Billy Graham), showing how their example can make students of today (or adults, for that matter) into better mass communicators. Plenty of exercises help students put into practice what they’ve learned, and develop their skills in a controlled environment. (A teacher’s guide CD-ROM is included with the DVD.)

Students are expected to have little or no practice speaking publicly, and Myers is determined to help them overcome their fears, build their confidence, and give them the basic tools to move forward. The material doesn’t specifically address the different kinds of speeches (persuasive, informative, etc.), instead focusing on the elements of speaking that apply to all speeches, lectures, and addresses.