Girl Talk: Mother-Daughter Conversations on Biblical Womanhood

Mothers and daughters have a lot to talk about. That’s how God designed it. A mother is her daughter’s first role model, teacher, and friend, and she carries the responsibility of passing on to her daughter a legacy of biblical womanhood. Join mother-daughter team Carolyn and Nicole as they give you insights and suggestions on how to talk—really talk—to each other about what it means to become a godly woman. Blending wisdom from the Word with their own life-together experiences, the authors discuss God’s expectations for the complex mother-daughter relationship.

Girl Talk helps you learn how to speak the language of biblical womanhood, improve communication, resolve conflict—and, above all else, share the gospel with each other. Tips and study questions make it easy for moms and their teenage daughters to read, share, discuss, and grow. Includes study questions and discussion topics.

Table of Contents of Girl Talk:

Part One: The Forging of the Mother-Daughter Bond
Chapter 1 The Language of Biblical Womanhood
Chapter 2 Imperfect Makes Perfect
Chapter 3 Cover Mom
Chapter 4 Afternoon Out
Chapter 5 Constant Communication
Chapter 6 Conflict Jungle
Chapter 7 A Mother’s Faith
Chapter 8 A Mother’s Example
Chapter 9 A Mother’s Love
Chapter 10 A Mother’s Discipline
Chapter 11 A Daughter’s Honor
Chapter 12 A Daughter’s Obedience

Part Two: Biblical Womanhood in the Real World
Chapter 13 What’s a Girl to Do?
Chapter 14 It’s A Girl!
Chapter 15 The Girl and her God
Chapter 16 Best Friends
Chapter 17 What About Guys?
Chapter 18 True Beauty
Chapter 19 Taking God to the Gap
Chapter 20 Future Homemakers
Chapter 21 Homemaking Internship
Chapter 22 A Girl’s Reputation
Chapter 23 When It Comes to Courtship
Chapter 24 Who Gives This Woman?
Chapter 25 Passing on the Language of Biblical Womanhood

Appendix A Girl Talk Discussion Questions
Appendix B More Girl Talk Questions
Appendix C How to Lead Your Daughter to Christ
Appendix D Mother-Daughter Memories