Key Decisions in US History: Vol 2 (1861-1994)

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Each lesson in Key Decisions in U.S. History provides a provocative and period-specific question that spotlights a crucial turning point in North American history. As students read background information about the issue written from a specific viewpoint, they are instructed to weigh options to decide how to proceed on the critical issue. As part of this process, students are also asked to provide reasoning to support their decision. Following their decision, students read to discover how the issue was actually addressed in history. Although the text is written with an easy reading vocabulary, due to being written originally for adult ESL learners, the issues it raises and the connections it makes to real life force students to use critical thinking and decision-making skills. Ultimately, students learn that making an informed decision isn’t as easy as they think it is! Includes detailed historical notes, answer keys, and a thematic index.

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