Constitutional Literacy DVD Set

Help students begin their voting careers as informed citizens – well versed in the content and meaning of the United States Constitution. Join constitutional expert Michael Farris as he walks your family through the history, theory, and application of the Constitution and what it means for the future of American self-government.

This 25-part lecture series is engaging and approachable, combining high quality video and music with hundreds of beautiful photographs, timelines, and special effects. The course features over 500 minutes of engaging video instruction by Farris, who has argued cases before the United States Supreme Court.

You can view the course trailer here.

You can also see the full first episode here.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Constitution
Episode 2: Article 1, Section 1
Episode 3: Judicial Review and Original Intent
Episode 4: The Powers of Congress
Episode 5: Commerce and General Welfare Clause
Episode 6: Powers of the President
Episode 7: Does the Bill of Rights Apply to the States?
Episode 8: The Establishment of Religion
Episode 9: The Free Exercise of Religion, Part 1
Episode 10: The Free Exercise of Religion, Part 2
Episode 11: Freedom of Speech and Press
Episode 12: Freedom of Association
Episode 13: The Second Amendment
Episode 14: The Fourth Amendment
Episode 15: Procedural Due Process
Episode 16: Property Rights
Episode 17: Equal Protections
Episode 18: Abortion “Rights”
Episode 19: Homosexual “Rights”
Episode 20: Parental Rights
Episode 21: International Law
Episode 22: Is the National Debt Unconstitutional?
Episode 23: Was the American Revolution an Ungodly Rebellion?
Episode 24: Was the Constitution Illegally Adopted?
Episode 25: Reclaiming Our Country