A Noble Experiment Student Activity Book

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

At its inception in 1787, the new U.S. constitutional government began with the premise that people could successfully rule themselves. But could this form of government endure, or would it fail, as did the democratic Greek city-states and the Roman Republic? Will our departure from the principles upon which we were founded be the death of our civilization?

A Noble Experiment is built around primary source documents and the classic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, providing a conservative approach to the study of government. Designed to be student-directed with a minimum of teacher preparation and involvement, A Noble Experiment covers all the national standards for high school civics and government, as well as the subject matter traditionally included in secondary government courses.

With its unique and interesting approach to the subject matter, we trust students will enjoy studying the foundations, principles, and organization of our government. Students will explore the political heritage which impacted our nation, study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and discuss contemporary issues affecting our nation such as immigration and globalization.

You can look inside the first 32 pages of the student book here.