Total Health: Student Textbook

This curriculum for high school students is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of all important physical, mental and social health issues.

Written directly to teens from a caring, friendly, Christian perspective, this text presents a moral basis for a healthy lifestyle based upon Scriptural principles. Topics like anatomy, body systems, food choices, exercise, diseases, stress, emergencies, responsibility, and more are included. Black and white illustrations and photographs add visual interest to the text. At the end of each chapter, a review contains terms to define, questions to answer based on the text, Biblical application questions, discussion questions (to discuss with a parent), and suggested activities.

Note: I used this study with our oldest son when he was a sophomore, and while I must admit I was hesitant to discuss some of the topics it really became an incredible time of sharing between the two of us. Our discussions were very rich and honest, and with such a God-honoring text like this in hand (and armed with its truly excellent and thought-provoking questions), all I had to do was ask the questions in the guide and discuss the answers with my son.

Rest assured that the topics are treated in such a Biblical way that even potentially tough topics will lead your child closer to the Lord. My oldest son was just saying what good memories he has of doing this study and of the discussions he had with me! What a blessing to take these opportunities to remain close to our children and keep open lines of communication about all areas of their lives.