Exercises and Activities for Short Lessons in Art History

This item is consumable. Either reproduce or purchase one per student.

This lively volume is a novel way to engage art history students. It features separate chapters on 35 European and American masters, showcasing a variety of activities, questions, and projects concerning the artists and their work. The exercises and activities for each artist are designed to help your students increase their awareness of the artists and encourage them to draw their own conclusions about what makes the work of certain artists timeless.

There are four general types of exercises in the book. The first type of exercise features comprehension questions. These may be in the form of word puzzles, crosswords, matching questions, or fill in the blanks. These questions can be answered directly on the reproduced page.

The second type of exercise features “Short Answer Questions” that can be used for discussion or written work and call for some synthesis on the part of the student. These questions may ask the student to define a term or explain how the work of a particular artist differed form earlier artists’ work. Students can find the information to answer these questions in the relevant section of the text. They may need to use separate paper to answer these questions.

The third type of exercise features either a “Writing Project” or a “Research Project.” These call for independent writing or research on the student’s part. Here, students might be asked to make a time line showing an artist’s major works or to describe how a particular event influenced an artist. Completing these exercises will give students a deeper insight into the lives and work of the artists.

The fourth type of exercise is the “Art Project.” While interesting, the “Art Project” section presents some difficulties in that it is not described in much detail or laid out in clear steps. Instead, very general suggestions are given, often making the project overwhelming to perform without more instruction. Due to these challenges, we will be omitting the “Art Projects” part of these exercises and be covering this area in a different way using the “Art Projects” DVD Set by See the Light instead. These DVDs are scheduled in the World History Guide in place of the “Art Project” exercises in this book.