Patriot’s Daughter: The Story of Anastasia Lafayette

As the beloved daughter of the famous Marquis de Lafayette, Anastasia and her family lived a rich and busy life in France on the eve of the Revolution. Anastasia’s father was often away from home, fighting for freedom in the American Revolution and then in the French Revolution he helped to start. But as France’s initial quest for “Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood” descended into the chaos of the Reign of Terror (and the terrible guillotine), the family’s lives were in great danger.

As the people’s cheers of admiration and love for Lafayette changed over the years to howls of hate and fury, the Lafayettes escaped to their country home of Chavaniac. They discovered they were no safer there, as their mother Adrienne was arrested and taken to prison in Paris with other members of the nobility, many whose lives were ended by the blade of the guillotine.

Anxiety and an uncertain future along with diminishing resources, strengthened eldest daughter Anastasia into an intelligent and resolute young woman, capable of holding the family together while Maman was in prison, and Papa was off at war and then imprisoned in Austria.

Even so, will the patriotic de Lafayettes survive the turmoil that swirls around them? Can Ann stand firm as a Patriot’s Daughter? Out of print for more than 20 years, this special edition is presented in a large, trade size paperback format.