Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler considered his vast scientific studies as another way of looking into God’s magnificent creation. He often became so excited with his discoveries that he would write songs of praise to God along with recording his findings in his scientific journals! In all of history there has never been another man like Johannes Kepler. A listing of his many accomplishments could not do justice to the exciting facts of his life.

Author John Hudson Tiner is a mathematician writing about an astronomer who used math to study the skies. Tiner’s background as a scientist and faith as a Christian give him unusual insight into the religious life of Johannes Kepler – the dedicated astronomer and Christian.

Tiner has been published in both secular and religious magazines, writing more than 200 articles dealing with science and religion. Mr. Tiner is an instructor of physics and astronomy on the high school level and mathematics on the college level. His knowledge and clear writing style turn difficult scientific material into easy reading.

Tiner’s undergraduate studies include Bible. He holds a Master’s degree from Duke University and has done graduate work in astronomy at Sam Houston State University. His most recent studies are in nuclear engineering at the University of Missouri.