Cyrus the Persian

The most fascinating story that a man could write is one that deals with history that God has shaped. And this is that kind of a story, intensely alive and absorbing, because it is drawn from the history of the Jewish people up to the time of their deliverance under Cyrus the Great, King of the Medes and the Persians.

Cyrus the Persian was a great king, a great warrior, and an integral part of God’s plan for the Jewish return to Canaan. This story is about the life and ascent of Cyrus and the events that might have transpired during his life leading to the decree that would allow the Israelites to leave Persia.

In recreating this captivating story, Mr. Nagel has “let in the romantic charm of ancient Babylon, and the mystic enchantment of the far east.” He has shown us what inspiring heroism grows from faith in the Lord and how the Lord continually shapes the destinies of His people. Based on historical fact, author Sherman Nagel’s retelling of this story is exciting to read and hard to put down.