The Cat of Bubastses

In this story set in ancient Egypt, Henty gives his readers a fascinating picture of one of the greatest of the ancient peoples at the height of their civilization.

Chebron (son of the Egyptian high priest Ameres) and Amuba (a Rebu slave in Ameres’ household) are companions whose lives are changed irrevocably when Chebron accidentally kills his sister’s cat. The cat is an animal sacred to the Egyptians and killing one is an offense punishable by death.

The boys and their companion decide to make a long and dangerous journey to the land of the Rebus, where they will be out of reach of their enemies. During their journey, they have some interaction with the Hebrew people, and Moses himself makes a cameo appearance.

In this story, Ancient Egypt is detailed so vividly you can imagine yourself there! Henty uniquely portrays the Egyptian culture with amazing detail while taking the reader on a path of geography up, down, and all around the Nile in 1350 BC.