Pilgrim’s Progress: All-in-One Curriculum

Next to the Bible, Pilgrim’s Progress is the most read book of all time. With a distinction like this and it’s allegorical focus on a Christian’s journey through this world toward heaven, it is definitely a book that should be read by our children.

While Pilgrim’s Progress could simply be read (or listened to), there is much to be gained from thinking deeply about it and discussing it with a parent (or mature adult). This is because the meaning within the story becomes richer as you grow older. Maturity in one’s faith, and experience with life’s trials, makes Pilgrim’s Progress even more meaningful.

The full, unabridged text of Pilgrim’s Progress is included in the oversized hardback curriculum (and is illustrated with well-drawn black and white drawings). The curriculum also includes provided questions, charts, and Scripture references that complement each chapter. The curriculum comes with an online resource that allows printing of the questions for additional students.

Here’s what else is included in this book…

Reproducible student pages. You can find the download link for these on page 11 of this book, under the “To the Instructor” heading.

Illustrated full-length text. This book contains the entire text of The Pilgrim’s Progress with Bunyan’s Scripture annotations and is illustrated with detailed drawings of important scenes.

Discussion questions. At the end of each of the 39 chapters, “Truths to Ponder” give young children an opportunity to cement the truths Bunyan desired to teach children, while the “Digging Deeper” questions help older students apply the teaching to their lives.

Annotated Scripture references. These Scripture references help showcase the Biblical context of Bunyan’s classic.

Character analysis. A detailed commentary on the figures that Pilgrim encounters throughout his journey give you greater comprehension of John Bunyan’s message.

Unit study. The extension activities included in the unit study will enable your students to understand more about the events that influenced John Bunyan as he wrote this most-famous of allegories.

Bonus! Includes a section of intriguing information about John Bunyan and the story behind the writing of this classic.

If you want an additional copy of Pilgrim’s Progress without all the activities, charts, and questions, you can purchase a “reader” version of the book here.

If you’re interested in owning a fully dramatized audio presentation of Pilgrim’s Progress, you can get one here.