Short Lessons in World History

This item is consumable. Either reproduce or purchase one per student.

From Ancient Sumer to the high gas prices of 2005, this collection of 87 lessons feature engaging text, time lines, maps, pre-reading questions, quizzes, activities, puzzles, and mini-biographies to dramatize critical events and places over the last 6,000 years of world history. Newly introduced words are bolded and defined in the margins for easy vocabulary building, while “critical thinking” boxes throughout the lessons provide a point for students to stop, think, and apply what they’ve learned.

The perfect add-on to a traditional world history course, this text meshes well with the myriad of other resources used within our World History guide. A glossary and answer key for the assessments is included.

Units include:

  • The First Civilized People
  • Greece and Rome
  • Empires and Civilizations Around the World
  • The Middle Ages
  • Europe’s Power Grows Greater
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Empire Building and War
  • War Was Not a Solution
  • Communism and the Cold War
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe and the Former Soviet Union
  • The Americas and Today’s World


You can view a sample here.