In Context: The Stories Behind Seventy Memorable Sayings in Church History

Enjoy a tour through Christian history by way of some of its best-known sayings! The selections in this volume relay Christian history by telling the stories behind seventy stellar sayings. Together the quotes cover the first twenty centuries after Christ’s birth and many of the key events in the spread of the Christian faith. The sayings included are worth contemplating because they distill the essence of a historical period, an individual, or a movement.

Have you ever heard someone choose the “lesser of two evils” when making a particularly tough decision? The origin of this common saying might surprise you as being from Christian writer Thomas a ‘Kempis in the early 15th Century. Kempis was encouraging believers to endure whatever trials may come their way in the name of faith, for the alternative would be eternal separation from God–an evil to be avoided at all costs.

From Mary, the mother of Jesus, to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the authors comb the centuries to provide well-researched, thoughtful accounts of faith inspiring sayings related to:

  • famous last words
  • historic utterances
  • favorite lines from hymns
  • lasting creeds
  • bold declarations of faith
  • comforting words


You can read the introduction of this book here.

Sample Chapters:
“My Soul Magnifies the Lord”
“I am the Wheat of God”
“You Can’t Hurt Us”
“In Hoc Signo Vinces”
“Our Hearts are Restless”