BJU Fundamentals of Literature: Student Text

In the World Geography guide, units of the BJU literature text will alternate with the reading of full-length novels/plays. Since the BJU text is meant to be a one-semester text, with the other semester devoted to composition and grammar, adding full-length classic novels will complement the BJU text well.

The selections within the Fundamentals of Literature text in this course are designed to convey and teach literature’s foundational elements of conflict, character, theme, point of view, structure, and tone. Literary criticism is also introduced and students are encouraged to read and analyze literature in light of a Christian worldview. Reading selections are not necessarily Christian, since true interpretation and evaluation can only be taught through studying pieces written from more than one perspective.

The literature selections are delivered in an attractive new format accompanied by rich illustrations, author biographies, and application questions that promote critical thinking skills. The full-length drama “Cyrano De Bergerac” is included for study as part of the student text.

You can look inside the student text here.