Essentials in Writing: Grade 10 (DVD & Pre-Printed SB)

This Level 10 course focus on quality sentence structure, well-developed paragraphs, essay writing, and a research paper. Types of essays include the personal essay, persuasive essay, expository essay, and compare and contrast essay. The research paper is the final assignment of the year.

This set includes everything you need for the course, providing all needed videos and a consumable student text. You can purchase an individual copy of the student text here.

There is a DVD or online component for most lesson days, with the video lasting 7-15 minutes. Matthew Stephens enthusiastically teaches these video lessons with the aid of a whiteboard, clearly sharing the writing process step-by-step as he teaches the lesson.

The Student Text is well laid out, including a summary of notes from the lesson, samples of effective writing, samples of ineffective writing, and clear rubrics to aid the parent in grading the student’s work. Lessons are broken down into incremental steps, keeping the writing process from becoming intimidating.

We prefer the Level 10 writing lessons to the Level 9 writing lessons for two reasons. First, due to the fact that Heart of Dakota students have done much writing in the past, they are more than prepared for the level of writing taught in Level 10. Second, we much prefer the topics in Level 10 used for the writing sessions and were more comfortable with the Level 10 focus than with some of the topics in Level 9.

This makes Essentials in Writing: Level 10 an excellent fit for the World Geography guide. We are also thrilled that the writing of a research paper is covered by breaking this large task down into incremental steps. What a blessing for all the families who worry about how to cover this very important skill!

You can view the first 36 pages of the book here.

You can also watch a sample lesson video here.