Foerster’s Algebra I Hardback Student Text

Using a highly motivational approach to concepts, this text includes imaginative applications and clear problems derived from the real world. This classic text is perfect for honors-level classes or for anyone needing solid step-by-step instruction taken to the next level.

We used this program and really enjoyed the step-by-step explanations and the thoroughness of the text. It is written directly to the student and provides plenty of practice problems rising in difficulty throughout the assignment. Students who have come up through Heart of Dakota’s recommended math path successfully should be able to transition into Foerster’s Algebra I well.

For those families who have come up through a different math path, you will want to be sure to have had the equivalent of Pre-Algebra prior to entering Foerster’s Algebra I text. This text is the best “teaching” textbook in written form that we’ve found after looking at all of the currently available options for Algebra I. If you like the textbook approach, and enjoy the benefit of excellent examples worked for your student (and explained) this text is one of the best. Solutions to odd-numbered problems are provided in the text.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Expressions and Equations
Chapter 2 Operations with Negative Numbers
Chapter 3 Distributing: Axioms and Other Properties
Chapter 4 Harder Equations
Chapter 5 Some Operations with Polynomials and Radicals
Chapter 6 Quadratic Equations
Chapter 7 Expressions and Equations Containing Two Variables
Chapter 8 Linear Functions, Scattered Data, and Probability
Chapter 9 Properties of Exponents
Chapter 10 More Operations with Polynomials
Chapter 11 Rational Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 12 Radical Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 13 Inequalities
Chapter 14 Functions and Advanced Topics