Around the World in Eighty Days

Phileas Fogg is a man of habit, a Victorian gentleman who follows the same routine every day–until one ill-fated evening at the Reform Club; he rashly accepts a wager that he can travel around the entire globe in just eighty days. Thus begins a hair-raising dash across the continents, in which Fogg’s obsession with his timetable is confounded his French manservant, Passepartout’s ability of getting into scrapes!

In a suspenseful race against time, the pair travels by train, steamship, sailboat, sledge, and even elephant, as they overcome storms, kidnappings, natural disasters, Sioux attacks, and the dogged Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard – who believes that Fogg has robbed the Bank of England.

Jules Verne’s story of adventure has gripped audiences since its publication and remains hugely popular, combining exploration, adventure, and a thrilling race against time. Will Phileas and Passepartout arrive on time and win their extraordinary wager? Either way, you will enjoy sharing their journey as you join in their travels and see the world!