Ernest Shackleton (Audio Drama)

In the summer of 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set off aboard the “Endurance” bound for the South Pole. His goal was to cross the Antarctic overland, but more than a year later, and still half a continent away, the “Endurance” was trapped in ice and eventually crushed.

For months Shackleton and his crew survived on drifting ice floes in one of the most savage regions of the world, before they were finally able to set foot on Elephant Island (in the middle of nowhere). Eventually, Shackleton and two other men set sail in one of the ship’s lifeboats, tackling the world’s worst seas to accomplish a saving miracle for the men waiting on Elephant Island.

How Shackleton got all of his men out, without the loss of a single life, is at the heart of this magnificent true-life adventure tale. This is a six-part audio drama of Shackleton’s epic adventure.

Note: I (Carrie) spent countless hours reading books about Shackleton and found that each book I read had issues too difficult to overcome. Either there was too much language, or too many adult themes, or too many graphic descriptions, or too much dense language!

However, Shackleton is a man with whom students should definitely be familiar. When I listened to this audio drama, I discovered that it included the important events from all of the books I’d read about Shackleton’s journey and did so in a way that made Shackleton and his men come to life!

Even though this audio drama begins in a manner designed to interest a much younger audience, if you listen past the introduction of each episode, you will find yourself drawn into the story even as a teenage (or an adult listener). So, don’t be put off by the beginning, or you will miss joining Shackleton for an adventure that you will never forget! I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning, just to finish listening!