Mystery in the Frozen Lands

In 1845 Sir John Franklin and his crew, in the stout ships “Erebus” and “Terror”, fortified against ice and provisioned for a three years’ journey, set off into the Arctic in an attempt to be the first to sail the North West Passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. They were never seen again.

Twelve years later 14-year-old Peter Griffin joins the crew of the tiny steam yacht “Fox” on an expedition to discover their fate. Peter resolutely endures the close quarters on board ship, the cold and the dark, and the dangers of the forbidding Arctic landscape. As they travel further and further from home they find strange fragments, traces of men who have traveled before them. Soon they make discoveries that suggest the terrible fate suffered by Franklin and his men.

Based on historical accounts, this novel offers one boy’s perspective of one the greatest of all Canadian disasters.