God Spoke Tibetan

This is the true story of the men, who gave the Bible to the people of remote forbidden Tibet, in the language of the Tibetans. Starting with the sudden death of the Dalai Lama in the thousand-room palace of Lhasa, the story moves into Kashmir as a government official accused of murder escapes for his life. This fugitive, settling in a “Shangri-la” valley of Kashmir, helps launch the first attempts to translate the Bible. But the task proves formidable beyond anyone’s imagination, as a sequence of heartbreaking setbacks block the translators’ efforts. Not only are there language barriers, but also war and revolution, a Himalayan thunderstorm, the heat of India’s plains, and a roaring avalanche from a mountain cliff.

The setting for this improbable, but well-documented narrative is an exotic land surrounded by the world’s highest mountains. It is a country where people practice Buddhism heavily mixed with demon worship; where, until the Chinese invasion, a succession of Dalai Lamas were both worshiped and assassinated. The translation of the Bible hardly sounds like an exciting event, but you will be entertained and inspired with the power of the Word of life as you read this story! The Bible truly is a book that “is quick and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword.”