Rooted & Grounded: Student Workbook

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

This Bible based study is appropriate for a full year of Bible for high school aged students. The study is non-denominationally Protestant with the focus primarily on reading and reflecting upon Scripture itself.

Featuring 27 of Julie Bosacker’s beautiful sketches, an unreached people group begins each unit’s Bible study. Students are also introduced to world missions as they move from biblical knowledge to spiritual application in these topical studies. Geographical, cultural, and prayer information are included as well, making it easy to pray for each unreached people group as you move through the study.

Concepts like “Walk as Jesus Walked”, “A Pure and Holy Life”, “Servanthood”, “Unrealistic Expectations”, “The Principles of Relationship and Fellowship”, and “Submission and Obedience to Authority”, are some of the lesson titles presented in an appealing and easy-to-use format.

Students are required to read directly from the Scripture to complete the workbook. Often Scripture cross-references are used as well. The workbook gives the student plenty of room to write the answers to the corresponding inductive questions, to fill in appropriate blanks, and to record the things that God is revealing to him/her.

There is a memory challenge with each lesson and a memory challenge review schedule included in the student and teachers guide. Lessons include writing assignments when appropriate. Reviews at the end of each lesson will be discussed with the parent.

You can see a sample of the Teacher’s Guide (which includes Student Book pages) here.