But Don’t All Religions Lead to God?

We’ve all heard the rationale: “It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you’re sincere.” Or “All religions are pretty much the same.” But are they the same? Does it matter which one you follow? In this insightful and compelling book, Michael Green invites readers into a relationship with Jesus Christ, the divine revelation, and only pathway to the one true God.

In a conversational style geared toward nonbelievers, Green compares Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and other religions to help spiritual seekers navigate the multi-faith maze. But Don’t All Religions Lead to God? is an ideal reference and evangelism tool for churches and individual Christians as well. It offers scriptural references, looks at how divergent religious traditions view salvation and eternity, and answers difficult questions such as “What about people who have never heard of Jesus?” and “How should Christians regard other religions?”

In the midst of our pluralistic and tolerant culture, here is an important and convincing argument for faith in Jesus – the only great teacher whose death and resurrection provided grace, forgiveness, and an eternity in the presence of God.

Note: Keep in mind that not every part of this resource is perfectly worded, as the only perfect book is God’s Word, and there will be some notes in our guide of a few places to discuss possible differences. Yet, overall this resource is truly excellent for the role it plays in the World Religions & Cultures part of our guide.